Just look at his face ! That’s Seddi proof - what else?

(The fear merchants)

Alright question time. I haven’t been active in months, but how many people followed me for Marvel Avengers and how many people followed me for 1960’s British Avengers? Because I’m really starting to think that - while I still like Marvel Avengers - it was mostly a summer infatuation, whereas Emma and Steed are my long lasting love.

If there aren’t a terrible amount of people saying they came for Marvel Avengers, I might just take a break from them. Right now I’m just more interested in my childhood British show. Hope no one’s terribly offended, feel free to unfollow, etc. D:

So yeah. Marvel Avengers or British Avengers?

How will Steed find his way out of this one? Find out tomorrow! (Or just watch the episode, read the summary, etc.)